Finished forged products

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Fence Section 1000x2000x12 - picture
01.001 In stock
1,140.00 грн.
965.04 грн.
Fence Section 1000x2000x12 - picture
01.002 In stock
1,518.78 грн.
1,285.68 грн.
Fence Section 500x2000x12 - picture
01.011 In stock
909.72 грн.
770.16 грн.
Fence Section 500x2000x12 - picture
01.012 In stock
904.26 грн.
765.60 грн.
Forged panel 1000х315х14х7 - picture
15.201 In stock
552.66 грн.
427.08 грн.
Forged panel 1000х620х14х7 - picture
15.202 In stock
849.78 грн.
656.64 грн.
Forged panel 1000х530х12 smooth - picture
15.203 In stock
734.58 грн.
540.66 грн.
Forged panel 1000х800х12 smooth - picture
15.204 In stock
673.74 грн.
495.84 грн.
Forged panel 700х500х12 smooth - picture
15.205 In stock
441.36 грн.
324.78 грн.
Forged panel 700х1477х12 smooth - picture
15.206 In stock
1,174.86 грн.
864.66 грн.
Forged panel 585х1510х14х7/12х6 - picture
15.207 In stock
937.02 грн.
766.68 грн.
Forged panel 600х1500х12/12х6 - picture
15.208 In stock
792.30 грн.
617.34 грн.
Forged panel 600х1500х12/12х6 - picture
15.209 In stock
810.54 грн.
631.56 грн.
Forged panel 605х1805х12/12х6 - picture
15.210 In stock
1,487.88 грн.
1,159.44 грн.
Forged panel 600х1200х12 - picture
15.211 In stock
957.48 грн.
746.04 грн.
Forged panel  400х815х20 beaten - picture
15.212 In stock
784.98 грн.
611.64 грн.

Finished forging products from the manufacturer Artdeco® 

Our own production produces not only elements, but also fully completed versions of finished forged products. The site displays a huge range of products, where there are completely finished products that do not require painting or priming.

Including some forged items that require some completeness in painting work for the finished version:

Finished products from the manufacturer

Artdeco® is a mass production of elements that can later be performed as a finished finished part of an exploited product, as well as the ability to compose the components of interest into a single combined structure.

Products made by the Artdeco® manufacturing company are in constant availability in the warehouse and are produced in mass quantities.

How to choose and order finished products

In order to place an order on the Artdeco® website, it will take a few minutes to fill in the contact information about the delivery and the recipient. A loyalty program has been developed for wholesale buyers, you can clarify all the details with the manager when placing an order.

The company produces a wide range of mass products in an assortment of items. Mostly artistic forging is used according to personal drawings developed in our own production.

In order to order the manufacture of metal structures in a completed version with or without installation, you need to contact the manager to clarify the final cost of the structure. Gates, wickets, fences and barriers are presented on the site by a set of elements combined into a project. Therefore, the buyer has the opportunity to replace the components that he likes best and to order a ready-made metal structure with welded work.

The manager will help with the choice of components, and the designer will draw up a design project that will meet the requirements and desires of the buyer.

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