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Available in warehouses "Artdeko" - the manufacturer of forged elements, forging, there is always a high-quality metal structures for any format of their use. All products listed in this section are standard forged items. However, the combination of various forged elements is very diverse. What options to choose what is right for you? In such matters you will be helped by our team of managers in your region of Ukraine. These elements of Kiev, Kharkov, Dnieper, Lviv, Uzhgorod, Vinnitsa, Odessa and many other cities of Ukraine have long been used, acquiring it directly from the manufacturer - in the company Artdeco.

Steel structures from the manufacturer

If you want to find the metal structures of the price very affordable - then you should buy forged items from the manufacturer, namely, in the Artdeco company. Each of the more than 2000 decorative elements presented in our catalog can be considered as a separate modular decorative element or they can be any assembly that you need. Restrictions do not exist! A huge selection of forged items from the manufacturer will achieve the desired result from an aesthetic point of view and budget compliance. Delivery to any region of Ukraine is guaranteed in terms from one to seven working days.

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